Galaxy Explorer Competition

Galaxy Explorer Competition is an annual, online national school-level competition that introduces general knowledge about the study of everything in the universe that is beyond the Earth’s atmosphere (example: solar system, planets).

Primary (Standard 4 up to Standard 6) and Secondary school students (Form 1 until Form 5) from all over Malaysia are invited to join this competition. The aim of this competition is to instill interest and to give exposure to students in this field.


Primary Students

Primary school students within Standard 4, 5 & 6

Secondary Students

Secondary school students within Form 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 and Pre-Universities students


Malaysian Astronomy Olympiad (MyAO)

The top 10% students in this competition will be selected for the next stage, the Malaysian Astronomy Olympiad (MyAO)

National Training Camps

The best students from MyAO will be invited to join the National Training Camp. Students will then be further trained and tested during the online and offline training camps and homework assignments

International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO)

The five best students at the national training camp will be chosen to represent Malaysia in the International Astronomy Olympiad. IAO usually will be held in October 2023


Registration Open

23 December 2022

Registration Close

3 February 2023

Competition Day (Online)

11 February 2023

Result Announcement

20 February 2023




Answering Time

1 hour 30 minutes


30 objective questions
· Four choices of answers (ABCD)
· Only one choice answer is correct


1 mark for each correct answer


English and Bahasa Melayu


Stable internet connection and scientific calculator.
List of universal constants will be provided.





Each student will receive a certificate according to your achievements:

Top 10% - Gold, Silver & Bronze certificate award recipients
Subsequent 40% - Honorable Mention certificate recipients
Remaining 50% - Participation certificate recipients


Those certificate is valuable, as it is a national level competition

Top 10% of students will get an opportunity to attend the Malaysian Astronomy Olympiad (MyAO) and be trained by professional and experienced trainers in this field

Top students will have a chance to represent Malaysia in the International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO) 2023


Download sample questions here!

Malaysian Team in the International Remote Astronomy Olympiad (IRAO) 2022

IRAO 2022 were hosted by the Italian Astronomical Society, Matera, Italy from the 15-24th October 2022. The Olympiad was conducted remotely and participated by 12 countries. The Malaysian representative consists of 3 Alpha students, 2 Beta students, and 1 Gamma student and is led by professional and experienced Team Leader and Jury Member, Dr Chong Hon Yew and Team Leader Mr Hadhri. Dr Chong Hon Yew has been our trainer, team leader and jury member since 2018. He had experience in IAO 2019, IAO 2021 and IAO 2022.

The International Board awarded 100 medals and one of it won by our student Lim Yu Cheng from the Beta category. He won a II-nd Prize Diploma (Silver Medal). Other students Sayyid Ammar Ikraam, Harshana Gunalan, Yahaya Basiron, Ong Cheng Yiin and Ng Kin Him awarded the certificate of participation. Congratulations to all members of the team! We are so proud of them!

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